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Our flagship product is Karen Optimum tablets. Easy to consume and with no "nori" flavor found in our powder, each tablet contains 250mg of phytoplankton - billions of nutritious microscopic planets!


Optimum is the most popular phytoplankton product in the world. 

Available at: Select Costcos, Amazon, Select Health Food Stores

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The original Karen Phytoplankton product is still one of the most popular. Powder comes in a variety of sizes and is the purest way to consume phytoplankton. Each dose has 250mg of phytoplankton, but with powder - you control how much phytoplankton you consume!


Mix with water or your favorite beverage in the morning to unlock amazing benefits! 

Available at: Amazon, Select Health Food Stores

Karen Daily Packaging.jpg

Similar to Optimum, Daily Phytoplankton is a tablet form of phytoplankton. Daily contains 125mg and is great for people looking to fill the gaps in their existing supplement program.

Daily is also a popular product with Optimum & Powder customers to give to their pets!

Available at: Select Health Food Stores

Karen Ageless Packaging_edited.jpg

Ageless contains the antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) which helps protect against the damage caused by free radical activity and oxidative stress, two major factors in the aging process.

Ageless is a product intended to be consumed with one of our other phytoplankton, as it is a different strain that has a unique benefit.

Available at: Amazon, Select Health Food Stores


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